Our Partners In Education

Our partners include the five universities and nine further education colleges in East Anglia. We are working together towards the government's aim of increasing the proportion of students from underrepresented neighbourhoods progressing to higher education and degree level apprenticeships by 2021.

Map showing region with universities and colleges labelled

  • 1 UAE
  • 2 Uos
  • 3 Uoc
  • 4 ARU
  • 5 NUA
  • 6 ECC
  • 7 CCN
  • 8 WSC
  • 9 SNC
  • 10 PC
  • 11 CRC
  • 12 CWA
  • 13 SC
  • 14 EsC

East Anglia Opportunity Areas

Funded by the Department for Education, Opportunity Areas, identified as social mobility 'cold spots' are driving social mobility to ensure young people in these areas have the same chances as those from other parts of the country. Our work is included as an integral part of the Delivery Plans for the Opportunity Areas of Norwich, Ipswich and Fenland & East Cambridgeshire.

We work in collaboration with the Opportunity Areas to ensure a coherent approach is taken to address the high level of need across the region. 

Delivery Partners

We also work with delivery partners Future First to deliver the progressive framework

Our partnership with Future First is helping to give young people access to role models through building alumni communities.